Welcome to "A Brief Recess Beneath the Rubble"!

This is a homebrew campaign with a subterranean steampunk theme. It ran from mid-October 2016 to late March 2017, soon after a friend asked about running another game (we had recently completed a published adventure, Curse of Strahd). I love the look and feel of steampunk. I wanted to continue the history of my homebrew world while exploring a new theme. So, I decided to go underground. This campaign takes place 150 years after this one (and 100 years after this one). For a more complete timeline of my homebrew campaigns, visit The Yarjerit Archives page.

For some general notes about my campaigns, refer to this blog (about halfway down the page).

Special thanks to the players! They are listed below, with their character’s name in parentheses:

Brittany (Dr. Phoebe Appleton)
Roy (Gregory the Great)
Matthew (Conseil "Battlehammer")
Diana (Tynx Waywocket)
Rebecca (Alice Linwood)

—Yarjerit (DM)

A Brief Recess Beneath the Rubble