A Brief Recess Beneath the Rubble

Chapter 4: The Vial, the Pitch, and the Wart Probe

It was easy to find the path to the Fungal Forest, but it was hard to explain the dead end it led to. The party's path seemed to end in a lone cavern, empty but for a wooden closet placed at the end. Conseil bravely walked to the oddly-placed furniture, opened the door, and stepped into pitch blackness.

Instantly, the wardrobe came alive!

It turned out to be a mimic, waiting for unsuspecting victims. The party made short work of the mimic, and discovered that it was standing on front of a doorway leading to the Fungal Forest entrance. The sights beyond the doorway was beautiful and eerie. Imagine a rain forest on earth. Replace all the trees and shrubs with fungi, and you might get the idea. There were fungi of all shapes, sizes, and colors (dull and bright). A steady green glow was coming from something further along the path into the forest.

The glow belonged to a lamp post, a strangely modern sight in the midst of a wild forest of fungus. At the foot of the lamp post, however, was the body of a satyr. An awful smell was coming from the corpse, and closer inspection revealed that the body had been infested with a strange fungi.

Just then, there was a burst of spores and a gas spore (pictured here in the center) started to float away from the body. It's unseeing eye was directed towards our heroes. Alice decided to attack it with her arrow, a safe move under different circumstances. Gas spores are so fragile, that they explode in a thick cloud of spores the moment a sharp blade or arrow punctures it. All the players, except for Alice, were able to avoid consuming any of the spores, but Alice got some of the spores stuck in her throat. She could still function, but for how long before the spores begin to kill her?

Then, mechanical sounds could be heard nearby. All the players, understandably, were rather wary of the noise, and it turned out to be a short creature that looked like this. It turned out to be a living machine, because a hatch opened on its shell to reveal a strange needle. The creature/mechanical thing stuck the needle on the arm of the deceased satyr. Then, it turned to Alice and pricked her arm. Where the needle struck, a small wart appeared. The machine introduced itself as "the wart probe" and it was obeying its programming given to it by its master, Lord Linwood. Alice realized that this Lord Linwood could likely be her long-lost father. The wart probe led the party through the forest to a makeshift hut deep in the forest.

As the players were led through the forest, they saw that the deeper they went, the more cold and ice they saw and felt. It seemed that, indeed, a mysterious frost was taking over the Fungal Forest.

The wart probe and our heroes eventually made it to the hut. No one was there, but Conseil and Tynx were ablt to find documents, letters, and simple maps that all seemed to indicate that this Lord Linwood was in the middle of researching…something. Also, one of his letters refers to "my daughter, Alice," and the maps indicated that Lord Linwood wanted to visit a large mansion acrozz the Frozen Lake, which was neighbor to the Fungal Forest. All this was discovered as the wart probe entered blood samples of various hues in identical vials, storing the vials for later analysis. It is not yet clear what the research is or what it is for.

Conseil and Tynx wanted to explore the hut and the surrounding areas some more, but Alice and Gregory decided to go visit this mysterious mansion. Alice had the feeling that this mansion was the one that belonged to her family. Perhaps it now belongs to her?



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